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    What Is The Microsoft Pictures Displayer?

    They say that a picture paints a thousand words, and with the Microsoft Pictures Displayer, you are given the opportunity to exhibit your pictures to anyone who you are in discussion with on Msn and Windows Live Messenger, even if they don’t have the software installed.

    The free software enables any user to create and store a slideshow of pictures, which then automatically display in a loop as you are chatting with someone. You also have the capability of writing captions on each image, should you wish, personalizing them further. It is important to note that there is a small but significant limitation regarding the images, as they can only be 96 by 96 pixels, so please ensure that you store your original pictures after creating your slideshow.

    How Microsoft Pictures Displayer Works And How To Fully Utilize It To Your Advantage

    This site has been designed with the intention of becoming your number one resource regarding the Microsoft Pictures Displayer. We love this little piece of software and have devoted significant time and resources into this guide. You will find a downloads area with useful tools and backgrounds to give your pictures and setup that professional look.

    MSN Pictures Displayer is fully compatible with both MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (WLM). Messenger Plus is not required to use MSN Pictures Displayer, but the software is designed to integrate with it. When you have both programs installed, a script in Pictures Displayer synchronizes its actions with Messenger.

    MSN Pictures Displayer enjoys broad international support, and it’s already available in a wide range of different languages. If your language isn’t supported yet, you can easily create a translation of your own.

    If you use Windows Live Messenger (WLM), or MSN Messenger, you can use MSN Pictures Displayer to build custom slideshows for your display pictures. Share your best pictures and images with your friends!

    There is a wide range of options available to you as a user, including the ability to crop, cut and resize your images. You can also designate how long each image is displayed in the slideshow, and add clever captions to further enhance the picture.

    Although this site will guide you through the use of the software, it comes with a pre-installed tutorial video.

    MSN Pictures Displayer includes a script which allows it to synchronize with messenger and manage multiple accounts. It also has an (optional) automatic update checker to scan for new MSN Pictures Displayer updates.